Dealmaking Dries Up for Amazon Aggregators

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SPACs. Crypto. NFTs. IPOs. It’s time to add yet another item to the list of hot business trends from 2021 that have all but died out through the first nine months of 2022: Amazon aggregators.

The business practice of acquiring companies who complete most of their business as third-party Amazon sellers and rolling them up into one big house rode Amazon’s soaring e-commerce coattails last year. Now, it seems these aggregators may have

Where There’s a Goal, There’s a Way: 4 Strategy-Led Content

This much-repeated mantra bears repeating: You can’t succeed at content marketing unless you know what goals you’re trying to achieve.

It’s not easy to distill the potential benefits of content marketing into one laser-focused goal. Yet, nailing down your driving purpose makes it easier to explore new possibilities to achieve it.

Nailing down your #content’s purpose makes it easier to explore the possibilities to achieve it, says @joderama via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

Want proof? Look no further than the accomplishments of the 2022 Content Marketing Awards strategy category winners and finalists.

These examples illustrate how strategy-led campaigns can amplify

The Latest Uber Hacker Was Reportedly a Teenager

Uber fell victim to an internal hack last week and now the rideshare company is releasing information on who was behind it.

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

In surprise news, the culprit was allegedly an 18-year-old hacker who was able to get into Uber’s internal systems (including G-suite and Slack) thus putting the company through a data breach.

The anonymous hacker came forward to the New York Times and told the outlet that he pretended to be an IT worker for Uber and sent an Uber employee a text message asking for his password which gave him access to

Summary Sunday: Issue #487 | Career Sherpa

Searching for a job hasn’t changed all that much in the past 5 years. But there are subtle nuances that increase your chances of securing a new job faster.

Summary Sunday Issue #487

This week’s summary addresses some of those subtle changes.

  • Explaining gaps on your resume
  • Weak ties help secure a new job
  • Secure your social media
  • What’s behind quiet quitting
  • Simplify your inbox
  • A Netflix approach to career guidance

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How to Explain a Career Gap on Your Resume | Virginia Franco Resumes

We all have gaps in employment. See different strategies to

An Editor Review of Nutrafol Hair Supplements

The third part of my hair health routine: collagen powder. While I’ve read about the benefits of collagen supplements in decreasing the speed of aging, minimizing wrinkles, and maintaining skin elasticity, it also has a direct impact on hair health.

The Nutrafol collagen powder “uses a powerful blend of marine collagen peptides to replenish collagen and protect the scalp for stronger, longer hair over time,” Dell’Acqua explained. “It’s important to understand that while collagen is a building block of healthy hair, it can’t improve hair growth on its own, which is why we always recommend using Collagen Infusion alongside Nutrafol

The Most Common Misconceptions About Art Galleries

Amid the bottomless champagne flutes and infinite small talk, one may be quick to believe the art galleries’ somewhat stuffy reputation. But there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. Drawing hefty conclusions about art galleries and their owners – especially if they are based on misinformation – only keeps people from enjoying them thoroughly. Today, we’ll separate fact from fiction and clears up some of the most common misconceptions about art galleries.

Let’s take a look!

Image by Peggy Marco for Pixaby

Many myths surround the art world and, specifically, art galleries. It’s essential to separate the

Ecuador and China Reach Agreement to Restructure Billions of

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With great financial power, as China is learning, comes great responsibility — or at least a willingness to restructure loans in danger of defaulting.

Case in point: Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso announced on Monday his nation reached a deal with China to restructure some $4.4 billion of outstanding debt. The move will save his nation $1 billion between 2022 and 2025.

Restructural Advantages

To increase its influence around the world, China plans to