9 Reasons Career Women Are Very Attractive in Men’s Eyes


For career women and those who plan to develop a career, Your figure as a career woman is very coveted by men, Career women are those who do not only work to earn an income, but to develop their potential and skills. In addition, work is a form of their contribution to society. So don’t be surprised if men think that career women are sexy and attractive! Still don’t believe it? Check out the following nine reasons why the career woman can shake the faith of the man

1. Men need someone who can help support their family 

Nowadays, one

What is Fashion


Understanding Fashion Specifically, it can be said that fashion is a style of dress that is worn every day by someone, whether it is daily life at home or certain events with the aim of supporting appearance.

Kinds of Fashion 

The various types of fashion styles that will be discussed can reveal the theme of our appearance in general. In general, fashion style itself rests on a person’s character or a special friend from the way he dresses, here are the types of fashion styles.

  • Casual style 

This style is also very much a fan because this style is very

Business : Activities Using Certain Capital To Earn Profits


Business Is?

Business – When you hear the word business, surely the word “money” comes to mind. Business is indeed an activity that can be carried out by individuals or groups in order to get profit or profit. Business activities involve the production, sale, purchase of goods and services.

Business Purpose

The main purpose of running a business is to generate profits for those who run the business in accordance with the economic principles of buying and selling. There are goods or services offered, there are profits to be made from selling these goods or services.

Business Function 

In accordance

Business Is Art


Business is an art, the art of being able to create high selling points. Sometimes the art does not sell well in the market and some do. The business also has many parts to it. How do we create a business concept, how do we find investors, manage finances so that it can be positive, find customers, find partners and so on.

Business is not just wholesale and then sell, that’s what I might call a trader. But how can we create a more value. How can an item whose price per gross continues to be sold at retail per

Definition of Money – What is Finance?


Definition of Money – Finance

1. Efforts to raise funds to establish a new business or expand a business, for example by selling shares, bonds, or securities, or a composition between the three;

2. Knowledge of theory and practice regarding finance which includes money, credit, banking, securities, investments, foreign exchange, underwriting, brokerage, trusts, and so on;

3. fundraising by the government through tax collection or bond issuance, as well as revenue and expenditure administration

What is Finance? 

Finance is a term for things related to the management, creation, and study of money and investments. Finance can be broadly divided into

What is Marketing: Definition, Types, Functions


Marketing is a term that we have often heard. Marketing is often confused with marketing, what is marketing?

Marketing is the activity of accelerating the movement of goods and services sold from producers or distributors to the hands of consumers.

The definition of marketing is

Marketing is a business strategy that refers to the activities a company undertakes to promote the sale of a product.

Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Some marketing activities are often carried out by other companies.

The purpose of marketing is of course to maximize profits by creating a

Honorary Teacher Career in Indonesia


You certainly often hear the status of honorary teachers, but do you understand what is an honorary teacher?

Honorary teachers are teachers with non-civil servant status (PNS) and teach in public schools and private teachers with a salary system that is paid per lesson hour. When viewed from this understanding, honorary teachers and PNS teachers certainly have differences in the level of welfare. Therefore, you certainly often see demands to equalize honorary teachers with PNS teachers.

From these demands, the government then created a first aid program or first aid kit for honorary teachers who wanted to get the same