Director – Marketing and Fan Acquisition

The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL, was founded in 2012 to introduce and showcase our sport, talented athletes and precision play to a global audience. Ultimate is a fast flowing and highly athletic low-contact sport that is played by advancing a disc down a field to score in the end zone.  Our business is designed to be inclusive and to deliver affordable, family fun to all parts of the community.

With pinpoint passing and the unique flight of the disc, each game generates many exciting passes, catches and defensive plays that frequently appear on ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10, Fox

4 Ways Collectors Can Safeguard their NFTs

Art Market

Mieke Marple

Having collected NFTs since late 2017, Jason Bailey—perhaps better known by his Twitter handle, Artnome—has seen his share of ups and downs. He was the first person to buy from the platform SuperRare, as well as the first to buy an NFT by XCOPY, an artist whose 2018 NFT A Coin For the Ferryman resold for $6 million on SuperRare in November of last year. In March 2021, Bailey—easily recognizable to those in the crypto world thanks to his signature headband, long hair, and beard—founded ClubNFT, a company that aims to address gaps in the NFT

LA finance director leaves for Fairfield | News

John Furtado has joined the city of Fairfield as its finance director, less than a year after accepting the same position in Los Altos.

Furtado, who started his new job in Fairfield last week, served as Los Altos’ finance director for approximately 10 months. He held previous positions with the cities of Pleasanton and Walnut Creek. His last day with Los Altos was July 15.

Touchstone Bank Names Marketing Director

PRINCE GEORGE, Va., July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Touchstone Bankshares, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC Pink: TSBA) and its wholly owned subsidiary Touchstone Bank (the “Bank”), today announced the appointment of Michelle H. Simon as Senior Vice President and Marketing Director at the Bank. Simon will be responsible for leading key priorities such as designing and implementing marketing strategies, directing sales initiatives, and improving brand awareness. Simon began her new role with Touchstone Bank in mid-July 2022.

“Marketing is an important aspect of our growth strategy at Touchstone and having Michelle join our team will help us move forward

Guide to creating a customizable online bakery delivery

The bakery industry has been growing in popularity in recent years, so much that in China, it has 10% of the food and beverage market share. This spike in growth owes to increasing demand for western cuisines in major cities, worldwide. Other known drivers are locals’ changing lifestyles, high standards of living, and ballooning disposable incomes.

According to research, the bakery industry generates yearly revenue of $30 billion and is expected to be worth $436.91 billion by 2026. This statistical data points to a robust market, in which any interested individual can participate. And what better way to start a

Lubrication Specialties Inc. Names Chemical Business

Lubrication Specialties Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Julie Blankenship to LSI Chemical Business Development Manager. LSI Chemical is an innovative manufacturer of high-performance oil and fuel additives for downstream oil, petrol, and diesel fuel production. The position serves as the primary support to international distributors authorized to sell LSI Chemical branded additives and Hot Shot’s Secret products overseas. 

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In this position, Blankenship will coordinate all LSI Chemical sales and marketing activity for LSI Chemical’s current 12 distributors in 9 countries including Central America and Europe and develop new strategies to grow distribution

There Are Too Few Women in Computer Science and Engineering

Only 20 percent of computer science and 22 percent of engineering undergraduate degrees in the U.S. go to women. Women are missing out on flexible, lucrative and high-status careers. Society is also missing out on the potential contributions they would make to these fields, such as designing smartphone conversational agents that suggest help not only for heart attack symptoms but also for indicators of domestic violence.

Identifying the factors causing women’s underrepresentation is the first step towards remedies. Why are so few women entering these fields? A common explanation is that women are less interested than men in computer science