Business Marketplace advantages and disadvantages

Marketplace is a platform or place where sellers can sell goods online. Why should you start considering starting an online business in the marketplace?

The term Marketplace or online marketplace may already be familiar to some people recently, even though the term marketplace is English from the word “market”.

However, the term marketplace has a more specific term and has many meanings, especially in business, such as; a place where various sellers with the same product and buyers who have the same interests or more simply is a place where sellers and buyers meet like the true meaning of the

Marketing :Types of Strategies That Can Be Implemented

Along with the times, product marketing strategies are also getting more and more types. Supported by today’s sophisticated technology, you can do offline and online marketing which consists of the following types:

1. Social Media Marketing

The number of active users of social media which reaches approximately 3 billion people opens up great opportunities for marketers to run social media marketing. Besides not requiring large costs, marketing through social media platforms is also very powerful because it is able to reach a very broad market

2. Paid Ads 

This strategy is widely used by companies to market their products. You

The Art of Planning a Business: How to Make Money

Business. Actually nothing is impossible in this life and it all depends on our intentions and point of view, including in terms of business. Doing business is art. Yes, I said so. Because business requires art and requires love, beauty and soul. Including in terms of promotion. Promotion requires art. Promotion without art is like vegetables without salt. It tasted bland. Everything needs art. And art will appear when we really love and then the soul will come. Business or entrepreneur does not look at anyone, he only looks at people who want to try and give love to

3 Important Things for Company Financial Management

In financial management, the activities carried out are not only overseeing the course of financial flows, but also looking at fund budget activities that are not profitable for the company. As a professional working in finance, you need to pay attention to activities that are not profitable for the company and replace them with other activities that can bring both short-term and long-term benefits.

important things 

  • 1. Transparency

Companies must have the principle of openness to the company’s financial activities. Professionals in the finance department of a company are required to provide information about financial activities to interested people,

The Role of Product Marketing for Business

When talking about marketing, there is a term called product marketing. By definition, product marketing has the meaning of a process of marketing products to consumers so that they are willing to buy products, either in the form of goods or services.

Is it important for a business? Then, what are the basic concepts and how to apply the right strategy?

The Role of Product Marketing for Business 

Its role is closely related to marketing activities, such as:

  1. Introducing the product to consumers so that they are interested in buying it.
  2. Develop marketing programs.
  3. Sending materials to reach

9 Reasons Career Women Are Very Attractive in Men’s Eyes

For career women and those who plan to develop a career, Your figure as a career woman is very coveted by men, Career women are those who do not only work to earn an income, but to develop their potential and skills. In addition, work is a form of their contribution to society. So don’t be surprised if men think that career women are sexy and attractive! Still don’t believe it? Check out the following nine reasons why the career woman can shake the faith of the man

1. Men need someone who can help support their family 

Nowadays, one

What is Fashion

Understanding Fashion Specifically, it can be said that fashion is a style of dress that is worn every day by someone, whether it is daily life at home or certain events with the aim of supporting appearance.

Kinds of Fashion 

The various types of fashion styles that will be discussed can reveal the theme of our appearance in general. In general, fashion style itself rests on a person’s character or a special friend from the way he dresses, here are the types of fashion styles.

  • Casual style 

This style is also very much a fan because this style is very