Marketing :Types of Strategies That Can Be Implemented

Along with the times, product marketing strategies are also getting more and more types. Supported by today’s sophisticated technology, you can do offline and online marketing which consists of the following types:

1. Social Media Marketing

The number of active users of social media which reaches approximately 3 billion people opens up great opportunities for marketers to run social media marketing. Besides not requiring large costs, marketing through social media platforms is also very powerful because it is able to reach a very broad market

2. Paid Ads 

This strategy is widely used by companies to market their products. You have to pay an agreed amount of funds, then the service provider will display your product. For the type itself consists of banners, pay per impression and pay per click .

3. Transactional Marketing 

The method used is to provide attractive offers to consumers in the form of promos, vouchers, or discounts so that they are interested in increasing the number of their shopping items. Even those who previously had no intention of buying, are finally tempted to buy in thanks to this transactional marketing.

4. Conversational

As the name implies, this strategy will rely on conversations to offer products to consumers. Conversations are carried out in real time using the media you have.

5. Interactive 

This product marketing strategy involves consumer participation in the marketing process. Through interactive strategies, consumers will get the latest information more quickly about your products. As a result, consumer demand for the product will also increase.

6.Content Marketing

Using a content marketing strategy, you must create quality, relevant, and consistent content so that consumers are interested in buying the products offered on that content.

7.Earned media 

Earned media is media that can be obtained for free and easily. For example, reviews on social media, customer testimonials, word of mouth, and others.

8. Inbound marketing

This strategy uses content that is useful and relevant to the customer experience. When using it, you must create a precise and appropriate message so as not to be seen as intrusive.

9.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will try to make the content you create to occupy the top position in search engines using various algorithms. That way, when your audience types in related keywords, they will find your content at the top.

10. Telemarketing 

Although classified as traditional, this strategy is still often used by marketers. The method is to offer the company’s products to customers using telephone lines.

11. Program reference

You will need a consumer role to share information about your product with potential customers and people around them. So, if you want the information shared to be positive, you have to make sure the quality of your product is guaranteed.

12. Email marketing 

This product marketing strategy uses the method of sending marketing emails to many targeted customers. In order not to be seen as spam, sending emails should begin by greeting customers using their name to create a sense of personalization.

The many types of product marketing strategies will give you the choice to apply which one is the most appropriate for your product. In fact, you can apply several strategies at once to make your product more widely known to consumers in a short time.

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