Jobs that are historically fascinating

historically fascinating

Nowadays everyone talks about careers, corporate jobs and the IT industry growing day by day. Even though we are grateful for the way our world evolved and how much easier it is to get a job that pays the bills, we should not forget that some jobs of the past were truly fascinating. In this article, we put together a list of five jobs that were popular in the 19th century. If they still exist today, they certainly improved the technologies of practicing these jobs, and if they don’t, some app is definitely still responsible for that work. Get curious and start reading to find out how your ancestors made their living.

Newspaper crier

We are starting with a job that doesn’t exist anymore, nowadays this job is done by ads. A newspaper crier was the person who would shout the headlines so that people would come and buy the newspapers. Their job was harder to perform because of certain laws that limited where and when they could perform their work. This job was also called “town crier” or “bellman” and they were shouting everything from headlines to public announcements and to market advertisements. This is definitely a fascinating job, as we are now getting all the information we need from our phone, in such an easy manner. If you get the chance, ask your grandparent about this, maybe you will find out more about this odd way of making a living. Some street artists are still performing this job as a way of entertainment.


This job still exists today, and for some people, it became just a hobby, but we decided to include it because for 19th century Ireland, this job became a symbol. In the late 1800s, fishermen were struggling at their job, being exposed to the cold and windy weather. The wives created a clothing item for this struggle, a knitted Aran sweater as these . And it was not just a sweater, the different stitches used for this garment had meanings such as: health, good fortune and wealth. These days, just like the fisherman’s job, these traditional Aran sweaters still exist, and they are becoming more and more popular. They sure are a work of art and a piece of history.

Rag picker

The last job we are presenting to you is a job that used to be performed by the low classes in society. A rag picker, also called a “totter”, “bone-grabber” or “bag board”, was a person who used to search through other people’s unwanted objects and then sell them to merchants in order to make a living. Unfortunately, this is still happening today, but it is no longer considered a job. It was considered a profession back then because of the trade system that they contributed to, and usually, the items they would find were rags, metal pieces or other pieces of waste. The singer Rag’n Bone Man was inspired by this job when choosing a stage name.

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