Honorary Teacher Career in Indonesia


You certainly often hear the status of honorary teachers, but do you understand what is an honorary teacher?

Honorary teachers are teachers with non-civil servant status (PNS) and teach in public schools and private teachers with a salary system that is paid per lesson hour. When viewed from this understanding, honorary teachers and PNS teachers certainly have differences in the level of welfare. Therefore, you certainly often see demands to equalize honorary teachers with PNS teachers.

From these demands, the government then created a first aid program or first aid kit for honorary teachers who wanted to get the same treatment as civil servant teachers. The government has opened the opportunity for 1 million honorary teachers in 2021 to take part in this first aid program.

First Aid or First Aid is an extension of Government Employee with a Contract Agreement, while Honorary First Aid is an Indonesian citizen with certain conditions and is given the task of working in the government based on a contract agreement within a certain period of time. P3K is an ASN with a non-civil servant status, and has a salary of the same size as a civil servant, but does not receive a pension. In addition, first aid workers can serve as administrative employees as well as functional positions in government agencies. Here are some explanations about what PPPK is and how it differs from honorary teachers. To be able to pass the P3K, you need to pay attention to the questions that will be tested and do practice questions.

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