Homeschool Art Box grew from a Sheboygan Co. co-op to

In the midst of the pandemic, homeschooling skyrocketed. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the proportion of American families home-schooling at least one child grew from 5.4% in spring 2020 to 11.1% in fall 2021.

As those trends establish homeschooling as an option for many families, Sarah Harmeling of Waldo, a small community in Sheboygan County, is ideally positioned to capitalize on her niche business, Homeschool Art Box. Harmeling, a finalist in the NEW Launch Alliance Pitch Contest, founded the business in June 2019.

“I was always interested in art and had a background in that so I fell naturally into that role in our homeschooling co-op,” she said. “When the teacher who was in charge of art left, I took over his position and taught art from birth to eighth grade. That’s what got me into teaching art. I found my own style of teaching and what I like doing, what was important to learn, and what engaged the kids the most.”

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