Disadvantages of Buying a Mobile Home

 Shelter is one of the basic needs that human beings must have in order to live well. As the world population keeps growing, it is evident that the demand for housing is getting higher, making it a little expensive to own a home. That and the increasing sense of wanderlust in the young generation is one of the many reasons why mobile homes are becoming a go to option for many homeowners. However, all the money saving and convenience comes at a cost. Let’s delve into some of the disadvantages of owning mobiles homes.

Unlike a traditional house on a foundation rock home, a mobile home depreciates way too fast. Homes are considered not just a financial investment but also a sentimental one. However, unlike the stationary homes, mobile homes are in constant use as they are on the move. They do not come with land, so you cannot tear one apart and build another where one once stood. They have more frequent maintenance than an actual car. While it may seem like a cheaper option to purchase a mobile home but it is an expensive bargain in the long run.

They do not have a foundation, which makes it easy for them to get destroyed by catastrophes. In case of a catastrophe like the hurricanes, a sandstorm, heavy rain or even a car pile-up, the home can be reduced to a pile of rubble in the blink of an eye.

The park fees will crawl up on you whether you like it or not. Most mobile homes for rent in Las Vegas will end up in a park either because they are now immobile or because the owner needs to sleep and will need to park. At a park, whether you bought the home or not, you will still have a landlord to pay rent to and a certain bunch of procedures or rules to abide by. It would also be worth less to resell if the home is in a park.

Due to their mobility and their high susceptibility to damage, mobile homes in Las Vegas are both a financing and an insurance nightmare. Insurance companies run from such investments since they are literal magnets for risks. Mortgaging for the traditional house is easier since it can be resold at the same price or a higher price in terms when it is needed to be resold as compared to a mobile home which may have already reduced in value.

Transporting mobile homes is a whole other cost that is not usually accounted for. It is clear that the houses bear the name mobile but when you may need to move from one location to another, you may have to hire someone to do it. This is an extra cost you may have not bargained for if you do not own a truck.

There isn’t a wide range of design to go around in this side of architecture. Traditional homes have millions of designs, some from the traditional concepts from various cultures in the world to modern pieces of magnificence but unfortunately, mobile homes for rent in Las Vegas do not share in this pool of choices. The internet is offering a helping hand with a series of designs but it is a mole hill compared to the mountain of traditional homes.

While getting a home is an exceptionally good thing for everyone at a certain age, it is not easy to know whether a mobile home is good for a short time or whether you should continue saving up to buy the more traditional kind. However, they solve a huge backlog on the housing issue and they deserve some credit for that.