Derby finance director returns to work as health care

DERBY — The city’s finance director is now back on the job — just as the city deals with another finance issue.

The city has recently had issues making payments to employees’ Health Savings Account plans, according to two Board of Aldermen and Alderwomen members, as well as the union representing several city government departments.

Alderwoman and former mayor Anita Dugatto said the city changed how it made payments beginning July 1 when the new fiscal year started. Alderwoman Sarah Widomski said morale at City Hall has suffered as a result.

“The administration is unilaterally changing past practices without communicating to the employees or unions. It doesn’t help improve the already low morale at city hall. It is disappointing to say the least,” Widomski said.

According to Dugatto, the city has not been paying medical buyouts.

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