The 6 R’s For Direct Marketing Success in Almost Any Business

There is a small rule of 6 R’s that you can use every time you are trying to sell a product or service to a certain market. If you break ANY of these rules, you are almost guaranteed NOT to sell your product. Read on to find out how you can apply them to your business.

Here are the 6 R’s of marketing almost any product:

1. Right person- You have to have the right sales person. People don’t buy from Slick Willy down the street, they buy from friends. They buy from people they trust. If you have

Marketing Lessons from Santa

If a nonexistent man can change the world and millions of people with a message of joy then his marketing plan surely works. Right? Then what has Santa been doing right all these years that we can learn from?
Santa’s message is short–joy. His target market– children and the young at heart. When you think of name Santa, you automatically associate it with giving, kindness, thoughtfulness, joy, magic, and usually a lighter heart.
Yet, his campaign began long ago in another country with a different brand. There have been songs about him, plays, movies, and more TV shows than any

How to Do Preventive Maintenance Right

prioritize preventive maintenance

There are exciting aspects of running a business – like creative marketing and even sales. Then there are the laborious yet important aspects – like preventive maintenance. But if you want to grow a successful company from the ground up, you have to pay attention to these latter tasks, too.

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

The old mantra used to be, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” But if you’re still living by this principle in today’s business world, your company’s days of being profitable are numbered. Today’s most successful and profitable companies prioritize preventive maintenance, and it’s …

SEO Budget Allocation Guide And Strategies in 2021

SEO Budget Allocation

SEO tasks will require a budget that varies from one company to another. A sensible SEO budget has an impact on the ROI that is why proper allocation of cost is necessary. Arriving at a reasonable cost can be challenging for the marketing team, but here is a guide to assist you.

Five Basis of Cost Allocation for SEO Spending

Identifying your SEO budget is a long process until it will make sense in the future. There are a lot of factors to consider before obtaining the budget for SEO works that can make a difference in your company. It …

Automate Your Email Marketing Strategy

find an email address by name

Though email has been existing for more than forty years, it still continues to be an ideal tool to generate leads.

And if you wish to be successful in convincing your target market, your marketing emails must be tailored to their requirements and unique. A mundane email is not going to help you in any way.

With an automated system, you could successfully execute a highly personalized email marketing approach.

So, that explains why email marketing automation is significant.

In this article, we would discuss some bits and pieces about automated email marketing.

Automation in Email Marketing – How Does

What Is B2B Marketing The Best B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing

What Is B2B Marketing: The Best B2B Marketing Strategy : B2B refers to relationships between one or more companies, whether they are goods or services. B2B marketing is not at end customers (B2C), but at companies and independent individuals. The abbreviation accordingly stands for “Business to Business”.

The advertising measures are tailored accordingly to this special clientele and take into account the special features that companies have to deal with: For example, a company can often not conclude a contract, but is simply to long-running processes, which, for example , provide for the obtaining of a written offer. …

Tips for marketing of oil and gas industry

oil and gas marketing

The methods and processes that energy companies use to raise awareness of their organizations, establish their brand, and drive customers and prospects to do business with them are referred to as oil and gas marketing.

The methods and processes that energy companies use to raise awareness of their organisations, establish their brand, and drive customers and prospects to do business with them are referred to as oil and gas marketing. Many businesses today are shifting a large portion of their marketing budgets toward digital methods and online marketing strategies. Downstream businesses, for example, rely heavily on petroleum product marketing …