Catch Us If You Can

Ok, you guys*, get your scorecards ready.

You might have read our list of the most despised industry jargon, buzzwords, and clichés a couple of months ago. Once that article went live, some of its contributors confessed to using words other contributors revile. (Check out the comments on this LinkedIn post for proof.)

Since the list entries came from Content Marketing World 2022 speakers, I couldn’t help but wonder: Would any of those hated terms echo through the keynote hall or session rooms during the event?

That’s where the scorecards come in.

While you’re in Cleveland this week, participating online

Time To Get Serious About Its Content Marketing Promise?


TikTok is a player.

With over 1 billion active users who spend about 20 hours a month watching videos on the platform, TikTok has a huge audience hooked on its content.

That audience spent $824 million through the platform in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. And even a Google executive recognizes the platform’s power, estimating that 40% of Gen Z use TikTok as a search engine to find things like places to eat.

So, the question isn’t whether TikTok is a good platform for content marketing. The question is whether TikTok is a good platform for your brand.


How To Write a 1-Page Content Marketing Strategy: 6

Without a written strategy, your brand’s content marketing won’t reach its potential. Think about it.

Without a written strategy:

  • Your content marketing is less likely to align with organizational goals.
  • You have a hard time securing leadership and budget support.
  • You risk internal, external, and adjacent content teams going in multiple directions.
  • You spend more time onboarding and re-educating your team.

Without a written strategy, you are like most content marketers, just not the most successful ones.

Without a documented strategy, you’re like most #content marketers. Just not the successful ones, says @AnnGynn via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

A documented

Why You Should Treat Content Marketing Like a Golf Game

I don’t do golf. But one thing intrigues me about the game: The entire goal is to play the least.

Think about it. The winner is the person who swings their clubs the fewest times.

A smart content marketing approach should work in a similar way.

My clients often tell me they feel the content marketing team creates too much content. They say things like: “Everyone wants more content, but so much of what we create is wasted.”

At first, that seems counterintuitive. If they’re wasting content, why don’t they just produce less?

Suggest that, and you’ll get this pushback:

7 Neuro Writing Tactics to Get Inside the Minds of Your

Joe Sugarman nails the essence of the written word’s power in marketing: “A mental process … for the purpose of selling.”

I’ll shorten it: “mental … selling” – getting inside users’ heads to turn them into leads and motivate them to take an action.

As content marketers, your tool to accomplish that is engaging and persuasive language. Using words, you use your art to influence your audience’s minds and help you get results.

What is neuro copywriting?

Neuro copywriting is the process of crafting a marketing text to appeal to human psychology, thus influencing engagement and motivation to learn more

Branded Content Examples

Updated Sept. 7, 2022

Branded content as a paid promotion tactic holds power and possibility for content marketers. It grabs consumer attention and showcases the brand’s value without appearing overly pitchy or promotional.

Its non-salesy appearance combined with the capacity to deliver deeply immersive stories, both entertaining and educational, branded content may be the best vehicle to bridge the gap between awareness and ongoing affinity.

Branded content also has given rise to a new business model that eases publishers’ reliance on revenue from traditional advertising with the addition of internal creative agencies to execute these feature-rich, customized paid campaigns (more

Erica Thaler named Chief Marketing Officer at RB Oppenheim

Tallahassee public relations and digital marketing firm RB Oppenheim Associates has enhanced its communication capabilities with the recent addition of Erica Thaler as its chief marketing officer. 

Thaler will serve state associations, private companies and nonprofits in various fields such as technology, health services, disabilities awareness, senior services, municipal redevelopment, real estate marketing and more. Her skills include marketing of businesses and nonprofits, advocacy and educational campaigns, graphic design, social media, newsletter content and creation, website integrations, public speaking and presentations, fundraising and business development.

Prior to joining RB Oppenheim Associates, Thaler served for the past 13 years as the