What You Should Know To Succeed In Video Marketing


Video marketing has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. All intelligent business owners are now utilizing video marketing as a way to increase sales and profits. The key to succeeding with video marketing is understanding the do’s and don’ts and correctly applying top video marketing techniques. This article contains great video marketing advice.

Remember to be genuine in your videos. If you make yourself easy to relate to, people will enjoy watching your videos. Be honest and real about who you are and what it is exactly that you are marketing. People will most likely not want to

Marketing :Types of Strategies That Can Be Implemented


Along with the times, product marketing strategies are also getting more and more types. Supported by today’s sophisticated technology, you can do offline and online marketing which consists of the following types:

1. Social Media Marketing

The number of active users of social media which reaches approximately 3 billion people opens up great opportunities for marketers to run social media marketing. Besides not requiring large costs, marketing through social media platforms is also very powerful because it is able to reach a very broad market

2. Paid Ads 

This strategy is widely used by companies to market their products. You

The Role of Product Marketing for Business


When talking about marketing, there is a term called product marketing. By definition, product marketing has the meaning of a process of marketing products to consumers so that they are willing to buy products, either in the form of goods or services.

Is it important for a business? Then, what are the basic concepts and how to apply the right strategy?

The Role of Product Marketing for Business 

Its role is closely related to marketing activities, such as:

  1. Introducing the product to consumers so that they are interested in buying it.
  2. Develop marketing programs.
  3. Sending materials to reach

What is Marketing: Definition, Types, Functions


Marketing is a term that we have often heard. Marketing is often confused with marketing, what is marketing?

Marketing is the activity of accelerating the movement of goods and services sold from producers or distributors to the hands of consumers.

The definition of marketing is

Marketing is a business strategy that refers to the activities a company undertakes to promote the sale of a product.

Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Some marketing activities are often carried out by other companies.

The purpose of marketing is of course to maximize profits by creating a

Comparing Traditional and Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing versus Traditional Marketing is one of the most heated new age debates that we often come across. While on one hand the tech heads give you the most obvious justification of fast paced digitization as to why digital marketing clearly surpasses traditional marketing. Corporate Executives, on the other hand, functioning in conventions, would more obviously than not justify traditional marketing. Before we ponder on this debate further,let us first understand what essentially distinguishes the two.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing refers to the conventional methods of promoting a brand. This includes newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, brochures,

Top 5 Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket


Digital Marketing, an off -spring of the massive digital revolution that has taken place. An aspect of Digital Marketing that is specifically gaining prominence is Video Marketing. Ever imagined videos to be as useful? Well, hear the trends speaking.

This trend stands evidence to the consistent innovation that is taking place in the structures of marketing. From explainer videos to animated ad films, from infographics to entertainment based videos, the field of video marketing is the most eventful corner of the already action-packed world of web.

Is Video Marketing really that eventful? Yes, it is! Being a visual medium, it

The 6 R’s For Direct Marketing Success in Almost Any Business


There is a small rule of 6 R’s that you can use every time you are trying to sell a product or service to a certain market. If you break ANY of these rules, you are almost guaranteed NOT to sell your product. Read on to find out how you can apply them to your business.

Here are the 6 R’s of marketing almost any product:

1. Right person- You have to have the right sales person. People don’t buy from Slick Willy down the street, they buy from friends. They buy from people they trust. If you have