An Editor Review of Nutrafol Hair Supplements

The third part of my hair health routine: collagen powder. While I’ve read about the benefits of collagen supplements in decreasing the speed of aging, minimizing wrinkles, and maintaining skin elasticity, it also has a direct impact on hair health.

The Nutrafol collagen powder “uses a powerful blend of marine collagen peptides to replenish collagen and protect the scalp for stronger, longer hair over time,” Dell’Acqua explained. “It’s important to understand that while collagen is a building block of healthy hair, it can’t improve hair growth on its own, which is why we always recommend using Collagen Infusion alongside Nutrafol

5 Latina Beauty Leaders You Should Know About

What does beauty mean to you?

As cliché as it sounds, to me, beauty comes from within. If you don’t feel beautiful, you won’t exude beauty. If you are internally beautiful, then I will only see beauty regardless of what you physically look like. I love beautiful people and surround myself with them. My friends and family are all beautiful, kind, generous, loving, giving people, and I count my blessings that I have them in my life.

What is a misconception about Afro-Latino heritage/identity that you’d like to clarify?

The term Afro-Latinx is a newer one, so a lot of

The 10 Best Latin-Owned Beauty Brands and What to Buy From

From September 15 to October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month takes place as a way to celebrate Hispanic culture and recognize Latin achievements. If you’re looking for an easy way to show your support, consider adding some Latin-owned beauty brands to your vanity. These brands haven’t always been visible in the mainstream beauty sphere, but it’s high time that they take center stage. 

This Hispanic Heritage month, we’re showcasing 10 Latin-owned brands that are worth your attention. These brands do an incredible job of wedding Hispanic culture with efficacious and results-driven formulations. Keep reading to find our favorites, why we love

This Ankle-Boot Style Is in It for the Long Haul

You can’t deny the power of the perfect pair of black ankle boots. But we don’t really need to go on and on about how they’re a staple—you already know the drill. Over the last few seasons, though, white booties have been creeping up as a must-have shoe silhouette. While they were considered the It trend of last fall and winter, the fashion elite is proving that the style isn’t going away anytime soon.

One of the biggest reasons? Well, as with black, white’s neutral, so these booties can technically go with just about anything in your wardrobe. Plus, they …

Beth Ditto Steps Into the World of Country Music for Monarch

You have spent most of your career in music and fashion and started getting into acting in 2018. How do you go about picking the projects you want to be a part of, and how did Monarch come to you?

Oh, honey, I don’t pick them. I’ve auditioned for a few things and didn’t get them. COVID definitely shook every musician I know, the touring ones, because that’s our bread and butter. So any opportunity for something, I would take it. I like acting. It’s easy. That’s oversimplifying it, but it’s different as opposed to writing a record because it’s

An Honest Review of the Haus Labs Skin Tech Foundation

I’m going to preface this review by saying that I’m extremely picky when it comes to my foundation. If you’ve read any of my thoughts on previous foundations we’ve tested here at WWW, you’ll know I don’t always go easy. For starters, I have finicky, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, so I have to exercise serious caution when selecting a product I’m going to wear on my face all day.

With the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation, it was love at first swipe. First, I was excited that the formula is completely noncomedogenic—something that’s key to look for if you have acne-prone

15 Designers on What Goes Into Creating a Fashion Week Show

Anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to attend a fashion show (whether it’s in Oslo, New York, Paris, or one nearby home) knows there’s always a moment that manages to surprise you. Suddenly, a model wafts down the runway in an incredible frock, and you can feel goosebumps on your body. Even if you’ve never watched a runway show in person, it’s an equivalent feeling to finding the perfect fall staple or scrolling through the runways online and gasping mid-scroll—it’s a split second filled with a sliver of magic. 

But as an editor, I know that moment can be fleeting;