OpenAI: Will DALL-E 2 kill creative careers?

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Last week, OpenAI announced it would expand beta access to DALL-E 2, its powerful image-generating AI solution, to over one million users via a paid subscription model. It also offered those users full usage rights to commercialize the images they create with DALL-E, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise.

The announcement sent the tech world buzzing, but it mostly amounted to gleeful Twitter feeds filled with the results of random DALL-E prompts like “steampunk Jesus DMT

Stop misusing data when hiring academics

Look me up in InCites -— a tool made by US research-analytics company Clarivate — and you’ll find a biochemist who hasn’t published all that much recently. Google Scholar, Google’s tool for searching academic publications, shows more of my work in the past few years on research evaluation and open research. Like everyone else, I prefer the larger numbers — and Google Scholar provides them — but they come with more errors, owing to how Google’s algorithms crawl and index author lists. My problems are relatively minor; one colleague has tens of citations according to InCites, and tens of thousands

Why these workers left jobs like Google

Sandy Anuras, the chief technology officer of Sunrun.

Photo courtesy Sandy Anuras, the chief technology officer of Sunrun

Tech workers are walking away from high-paying jobs with great perks to help fight what they believe is the greatest existential problem of our lifetimes: climate change.

In some cases, that has meant taking a pay cut. But Sandy Anuras, who recently joined home solar provider Sunrun as its chief technology officer, says a big paycheck sometimes comes with a price.

“The tech giants have had these huge compensation packages. And it’s hard to say no to a huge compensation package,” Anuras

IT career roadmap: Director of engineering

A director of engineering oversees and guides an organization’s engineering department, including ensuring that engineering goals line up with the organization’s mission and priorities. In many cases, these executives are involved in administrative, financial, and human resource functions within the department.

The duties of a director of engineering vary among enterprises in terms of scope of responsibilities, according to leading job site Some common responsibilities include overseeing teams, managing departmental budgets, designing engineering strategies, verifying project compliance with engineering best practices, hiring department engineers, collaborating with company stakeholders, and updating department policies and procedures.

Nina Bhatti: Director of Engineering IDG

Nina Bhatti is a

Google encourages public to brush up on quantum computing

The Google Quantum Virtual Machine can be used in research and education to speed up coursework and projects.

Google has made its Quantum Virtual Machine available to the public free of charge in a bid to help people learn quantum programming skills.

The tech giant’s Quantum Virtual Machine emulates the experience and results of programming on one of the quantum computers in its research labs, from circuit validation to processor infidelity. And now everyone can see for themselves how it works.

Quantum computing merges computer science and quantum physics, two of the most important scientific developments of the 20th century.

How Can An MBA Prepare You For Careers At Google?

A quick search for jobs at Google throws up an array of roles preferring candidates to be holders of graduate management education’s most popular degree, the MBA. And it’s no surprise; the technology industry is one of the quickest growing sectors for MBA talent. 

Like any company wanting to continue to grow, develop new product lines, and successfully serve a huge multinational customer base, Google needs hires to be well-versed in the most complex challenges facing companies today. Something an MBA prepares you well for.

BusinessBecause caught up with three grads from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)—who all launched

Top Companies Are Hiring More Candidates Without 4-Year

  • Elon Musk said having a college degree doesn’t mean you have “exceptional ability.” 
  • Many of the nation’s most popular companies to work for no longer require a college degree.
  • Top CEOs have begun questioning whether college degrees really prepare workers for careers.
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Students assume getting a four-year degree — and taking on the thousands of dollars of student-loan debt that comes along with it — is the only way to get your foot in the door at top companies such as Tesla, Apple, IBM, and Netflix. 

But that isn’t always true. New research