Art And Business – The Way To A Balanced Life

Many years ago, a career in art and a career in the business world were considered to be on the two ends of the career spectrum. Artists who exhibited remarkable talent for their craft would oftentimes live a humble and meager life, unable to translate their talents into business growth. Businessmen, on the other hand, pursued their ambitions in the open markets, spending their time dealing with issues of finance, strategy and profit margins, oftentimes expressing their appreciation for art only from a distance. In recent years the business world and the art world have begun to merge, either

The Rise of Online Degree Programs

Within the past decade, online degree programs have multiplied at an astounding rate. While several schools have been based on these non-traditional programs (though, for the sake of neutrality and so as not to unfairly give advertising to one program or another, I will refrain from giving these schools specific mention), many “traditional” brick-and-mortar schools have also begun offering online courses and, in some cases, complete online degree programs. In fact, colleges and universities ranging from community colleges up through Ivy League schools have embraced the use of technology as a learning vehicle; in a sense, this signals maturing of

The Art of Planning a Business: How to Make Money

Business. Actually nothing is impossible in this life and it all depends on our intentions and point of view, including in terms of business. Doing business is art. Yes, I said so. Because business requires art and requires love, beauty and soul. Including in terms of promotion. Promotion requires art. Promotion without art is like vegetables without salt. It tasted bland. Everything needs art. And art will appear when we really love and then the soul will come. Business or entrepreneur does not look at anyone, he only looks at people who want to try and give love to

Business Is Art

Business is an art, the art of being able to create high selling points. Sometimes the art does not sell well in the market and some do. The business also has many parts to it. How do we create a business concept, how do we find investors, manage finances so that it can be positive, find customers, find partners and so on.

Business is not just wholesale and then sell, that’s what I might call a trader. But how can we create a more value. How can an item whose price per gross continues to be sold at retail per

Segudang Manfaat Susu untuk Pertumbuhan Anak

Segudang Manfaat Susu untuk Pertumbuhan Anak

Segudang manfaat susu untuk pertumbuhan anak : Setiap orang tua pasti menginginkan anak dapat tumbuh berkembang dengan baik. Maka dari itu, pemenuhan gizi dan nutrisi bagi anak menjadi sesuatu yang memang perlu diperhatikan, bahkan sejak anak masih berada dalam kandungan.

Susu menjadi salah satu sumber gizi terbaik karena mengandung berbagai mineral dan vitamin yang dapat membantu merangsang kecerdasan anak, menjaga kekebalan tubuh serta membantu kesehatan gigi dan tulang anak.

Jenis susu yang bisa dikonsumsi pun terdiri dari beberapa macam, semua bisa disesuaikan dengan usia anak. Untuk konsumsi susu di usia awal kelahiran adalah susu yang telah melewati proses pasteurisasi atau …

How Do Businesses Use the Art of Storytelling?

Storytelling is an essential part of human communication and is a powerful marketing tool. It sways shoppers by increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers. The story you tell controls how customers remember your company.

Creating a unique brand story on social media involves sharing it on multiple social platforms. If you create a story that connects with potential consumers, they will read and engage with the information you provide. This often results in readers recommending your products and services via clicks, tweets, likes, and follows.

Know Your Customers

To create engaging stories think about who is reading the story,

Business Growth, Through The Art of Being Different

If you didn’t think you had something unique to offer, you probably wouldn’t be in business. There is a widespread belief that in order to be different you have to be creative, and that’s the God given gift of a few select designers.

Nothing could be further from the truth: You can find a lot of literature on how to define and pitch your Unique Selling Proposition to your clients and prospects.

But this is not what I want to talk about today. My question today is what areas of running your business do you think are fine and