Besides Brocade, These 5 Party Dress Models

Brocade is often used as a coating material for party clothes because of its luxurious and elegant impression. But if you keep going to parties wearing brocade, you can get bored after a while, especially if you have lots of invitations. To inspire your party dress model, here are the dresses that can be an alternative

1. Organza Flower Dress 

Go soft with a midi dress layered with floral organza and transparent loose sleeves. Organza, this one fabric material can change your appearance to look glamorous. This fabric is light and stiff, which makes it less likely to wrinkle. So, you can continue to look neat throughout the party of this contemporary short dress model. Clothing also looks more volume with the use of this organza fabric.

2. Asymmetrical dress 

This asymmetrical dress also uses additional organza at the bottom to sweeten the look, looks stacked and tiered so that it has more volume and doesn’t seem monotonous. Simple, elegant and elegant with a loose and sleeveless design.

3. Sabrina Batik Dress 

Another inspiration for batik. Apply a sabrina model that has open shoulders, as well as wrapped accents at the waist and sleeves up to the elbows.

4. Classic Dress 

Characteristic features . Classic Dress, which usually uses clothes that look old fashioned. For example, long culottes, floral dresses, knee-length dresses, and blouses that are slightly wide. If you choose . This Classic Dress, you have to know how to mix and match so it doesn’t look too old

5. Shawl Dress

This is the model of a long dress that is currently a trend. So, there is a layer of scarf on top of the maxi dress. This style makes a simple look not monotonous and looks elegan


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