Month: January 2019



At that time, people liked to use the word “the Titian gold” to represent the gold because Titian especially loved the golden yellow and plus that he was deeply in love with bright colors. Just like the alchemist manipulated the colors. But Titian could also gather “gold” quickly in the real world and was a golden painter that many people extremely envious of.

Titian was the imperial painter of the Venetian Republic when he was 36 years old. The Court invitations were constant after he became famous so he was able to accumulate a large number of money. On the other hand, this also showed his clever and flexible diplomacy and could play well between the upper class.
He also had a smart set of financial management methods. He kept painting while doing business and then invested the money in real estate. He rolled in riches and lived a super-rich luxury life.

What was the secret weapon that he got rich successfully on earth?
The answer was portraiture.
His portraits can seize the soul and personality of the character. The character in the picture is filled with touching vitality and seems like a real person in front of you
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